How to make an iced soya latte at home ☕️

Ahh I am missing coffee shops! The smell of the freshly ground coffee, the buzz of everyone enjoying all that caffeine and the taste! Mmm the taste of proper coffee! Is there anything better on a sunny day than an iced latte? So thought I’d try to make one at home and this recipe is … More

Yummy chicken tikka kebabs with mint and cucumber raita

Fakeaway chicken tikka kebab with cucumber and mint raita!⠀This recipe is amazing and so quick! It’s GF but not DF unfortunately but could be with some tweaks.⠀CHICKEN TIKKA KEBAB 4/5 chicken breasts, butterflied 250 grams Greek yoghurt (we used fat free because that suits my stomach better but you use whatever you have in the … More

5 Netflix shows to binge watch this weekend

I love getting in to a good series and really loosing myself in the plot and characters. I think this escapism is particularly good at the moment with this bloody global pandemic that we can’t seem to shift! Everyone’s struggling to come to terms with our new normal, so I thought I’d share some of … More

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