How to support your mental health during coronavirus 💛

Right now we all need to think about our mental health as much as our physical health.

We are surrounded by updates about the coronavirus, living in a constant state of uncertainty about what we should be doing and how we will be affected over the next few weeks. But we really need to remember how the pressure of this will be affecting people’s mental health as well.

Being home bound is tough. Losing your routine, or purpose to get up and out of the house, the constant fear about whether you’ll feel okay tomorrow, or will you still have money coming in next week. Unfortunately the whole world is learning what it’s like for people affected by poor health on a daily basis. So I want to use my experience to help people who will find this change really difficult.

Here are my best tips –

  1. ROUTINE. Keep your morning alarm the same and go to bed at the same time as you normally would. Keeping structure like this is so vital.
  2. FACE THE DAY. Get up, have a shower and get yourself ready for the day. I find that making the effort to do my makeup or put on clothes other than loungewear gets me in a difffernt headspace. Sitting around unwashed and in your pjs at 5pm is not good for anyone, especially when this way of life might have to last for a few weeks.
  3. STRUCTURE. Set yourself daily tasks, and complete them. One of the worse things about being unable to work is the lack of purpose, after a while you lose the drive and desire and just end up hovelling. Keeping yourself busy and sticking to the same work hours will help to maintain a separate work and home life. This in turn should help avoid negativity setting in, being stuck at home for long periods can lead to feelings of uncertainty and a lack of confidence, and we don’t want that!
  4. FRESH AIR. Do not spend days on end in the house. It’s not good. You need fresh air, even if it’s only a few mins in the garden just make sure you get out of your house/apartment etc and get a change of scenery. It’s good for you mind to have variety, and there is often a sense of peace that you find taking the dog for a walk or just sitting outside and focusing on the world around you.
  5. SOCIAL INTERACTIONS. Check in with your friends and family daily, this is a great excuse to make more time to catch up with those relationships you might have accidentally let fall to the wayside. Even if it’s just a funny meme, it’s so important to keep chatting to people. It can be so easy to slip in to your own little world and start withdrawing from social interactions. One thing I’ve realised through this is that I am rubbish at calling people, for some reason since I’ve been poorly I’ve developed a real anxiety about it. I always worry that I’ll be interrupting their day, and being annoying if I ring them (I don’t really know why) but that is the wrong things to think, actually most people would love to hear your voice 🥰 so pick up the phone and talk to your pals! Plus many people will be worried or anxious about the situation in the world right now, so it’s good for both of you to catch things over and find some normality.
  6. NEW PROJECT. Start something positive you can do everyday. For example I’ve just started a 30 days of yoga challenge, all watching on YouTube. But you could start listening to a podcast every day, or pick up a new language you’ve been putting off. Find something that you can do every day that’s a bit different and enjoyable!
  7. TIDY. Don’t let your place turn in to a mess, keep your home neat and tidy. A calm environment will help keep your mind calm too. If I’m feeling stressed or anxious a messy room just makes things worse.
  8. And lastly TALK!! Don’t forget to talk about how you are feeling, and vent about the little everyday struggles that bother you. We are all in this together so don’t forget that or let yourself feel emotionally isolated. ♥️♥️

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  1. I couldn’t agree any more with all of the above! A really nice summing up of how to be happier when you’re having to spend time alone or in the house. Thank you!!


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