5 Netflix shows to binge watch this weekend

I love getting in to a good series and really loosing myself in the plot and characters. I think this escapism is particularly good at the moment with this bloody global pandemic that we can’t seem to shift! Everyone’s struggling to come to terms with our new normal, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite programmes at the moment that I’m enjoying!


Okay I’ve only watched 3 episodes so far but I am already obsessed. I just have so so many questions. If you’ve not watched it add it to your list now. Do it do it do it. If you haven’t heard of it, have you been under a rock?? It is everywhere!! There’s a crazy number of tigers, lions, panthers, snakes, monkeys basically every exotic animal under the sun, so many eccentric people who are obsessed with them, and a bizarre and confusing amount of conspiracy theories. It is EVERYTHING I didn’t know I needed in my life. 


Queen if you don’t know what this is then get off my blog. JOKES. Everyone welcome but i’ll just side eye you across the room if you don’t start watching it 😏 Drag Race is one of my absolute favourite programmes, it’s got laughs, talent, swearing, men in makeup and innuendos every two secs – what more could you want? Plus all the series are on there, and there’s a new episode of the current series every week! That’s your weekend sorted!


Yes I’m late to the party but it is goooood! We’ve done series 1 and now steaming straight in to series 2. But you need to pay attention as its got a lot of subtitles because it’s set in Columbia. So probably not the thing to watch on a hangover. Pablo Escobar, drugs, lots of deaths and some slick ass 80s moustaches, need I say more?


I love everything with Tan France in, fact. Queer Eye here for it, Celeb bake off watched it. And this is another corker, i smashed through this in no time. Who knew Alexa Chung and Tan would be such a great presenting duo? But they are, and this is basically a new version of project runway. When’s season 2 coming?


Yes Tan is hitting the list twice, but how could I not mention Queer Eye? It is the best feel good show to watch. 5 hilarious gay guys running around making over all sorts of people and giving them the confidence to be themselves – we all need that uplifting spirit in our lives right now!

I am always looking for new series to try – what are you favourites?? 

Let me know in the comments! Sending love, Soph xx

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