How to make an iced soya latte at home ☕️

Ahh I am missing coffee shops! The smell of the freshly ground coffee, the buzz of everyone enjoying all that caffeine and the taste! Mmm the taste of proper coffee! Is there anything better on a sunny day than an iced latte? So thought I’d try to make one at home and this recipe is so easy and so yummy.

Our coffee machine is broken at the moment (cryyyyyy 😭) so I’ve had to perfect this with instant. Plus I’m sure loads of people either don’t have an espresso machine, or might be out of fancy coffee at the moment, so the same recipe works with whatever coffee you’ve got to hand. It might just take a bit of trial and error to get the strength right – but that just means more coffees for you 😝

⭐️ Espresso shot

⭐️ milk of your choice – I’m using soya

⭐️ ice

⭐️ some sort of blender – I’m using a nutribullet

⭐️ 2 tsp instant coffee, mix with drop of cold water first to stop the hot water burning the coffee as that makes it taste bitter. You could use filter coffee or an espresso shot

⭐️ add enough hot water to make it up to the size of an espresso

⭐️ pop in a blender with some ice

⭐️ add in milk of your choice, I measure this on the colour of the coffee, based on how strong I want it

⭐️ blend – this will cool down the coffee and froth up the milk nicely

⭐️ pour over ice in a glass and enjoy

⭐️ if you have a sweet tooth add a bit of maple syrup on the top 😋

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