Keeping positive in lock down week number – who the hell knows!!!

Our worlds have pretty much crunched to a stop, we can’t go about our every day lives like we used to, and it feels like our normal way of life is so far away and out of our reach. Every day brings a new worry, are we and our families and friends going to be okay? How will our country and economy cope with all these changes? How long will it be before our NHS just completely crumbles under the pressure? So many things are running around our minds it can be so overwhelming. 

Last week we lost my husband’s Nan, an incredible lady who made me laugh every time I saw her. She was 98 years old, and knew exactly what was going on right till the end, a strong old gal who was such an inspiration to the whole family. And it got me thinking about the things she saw in her almost 99 years of life. So many incredibly hard, traumatic but also wonderful things that happened in her life time. She was strong and upbeat every time we saw her despite everything she experienced, and today I feel so inspired by her strength. Her generation lived through unimaginable things but kept on going. It’s at times like this, when we are experiencing the most awful thing my generation will ever go through, we can take a leaf out of their book – by pulling together, relying on one another and trying to find little positives to keep us going.

So today I’m trying to pick out the little things that have made me smile this week. 

It’s Friday afternoon, I’m sat outside in my garden in the sun. I can feel the rays on my skin, my neighbours pottering around in their homes getting jobs done, my dog is running around having the best time. There have even been birds here, which might not sound that unusual but we live on a fairly new estate, it’s probably about 2/3 years old, so local wildlife isn’t that common. But this morning as my husband and I were making our breakfast we spotted 6 blackbirds in the garden picking up worms – 6!!! We were so shocked and delighted to see these little chaps bobbing around, until they spotted Indie in the window and flew away. I’m now desperately planning how to improve our garden to make them come back! Last night we also saw Venus in the sky, back lit by a perfect blueish black sky. I’m also really looking forward to the pineapple margaritas I’m going to make tonight, and the Asian broth I’ve been preparing all day. These little bits of delight though small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, are keeping me going. I’m trying to focus on the things that put a smile on my face and learn to let all the negatives just roll over me (It’s definitely easier said than done, I know that guys, but I am trying!!). 

No matter what happens, the world just keeps on spinning, the birds keep eating the worms, the dogs keep on barking, sharks keep going on bossing their lives taking no shit. And we’ll keep going too, because we are all stronger and resilient than we could ever imagine. Happy Friday wonderful people, whatever you do this weekend try to find some flashes of positivity to keep yourselves going. Lots of love xxx

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